Protect Your Confidential Data With Industry Leading Encryption

Egress Can Help Your Organization:

  • Protect your sensitive email data with industry certified AES-265 bit encryption
  • Give users more control over email, with message revocation, access permissions and water marks all controlled by the end user
  • Share and protect large files over email with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface
  • Stop the issue of misaddressed emails, with an intelligent platform to prevent data loss caused by human error
  • Use smart authentication to seamlessly authenticate access to encrypted email, reducing hassle for users

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David Bennett
Head of Information Systems, Thomas Snell & Passmore

"By selecting Egress Protect, we are able to guarantee 100% client confidentiality and demonstrate tangible efficiency and cost savings when sharing electronic infomation. This can be via email or large file transfer."

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Egress Protect seamlessly integrates into your email environment, including Office 365, to encrypt messages and attachments. It uses advanced machine learning to automate security, making it easy to use and giving you confidence that your data is always protected.

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