Completely Eliminate Email and Web Threats with Isolation

  • Eliminate all phishing, malware and ransomware attacks, keeping endpoints and people secure
  • Stops users inputting credentials on malicious websites 
  • Ensures it's always 'safe to click' on web and email links
  • Has no impact on web speed or performance 
  • Reduces security costs and complexities
  • Isolation core does not require any new software, hardware or downloads

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Karl Kemp
Information Security Officer and Senior Vice President of IT, First Community Bank

“Bank operations continue without disruption while the Menlo Security Cloud Platform safely isolates web content across the user base.”

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Menlo Security is an enterprise-class isolation platform that eliminates web-based malware, weaponized documents, ransomware and phishing attacks. Menlo eliminates  threats by executing all web and document sessions away from the user’s endpoint, without any slow-down or latency. Achieve 100% protection with Isolation.

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Our expert technical team will help you to deploy the service to your users, without any new software or hardware needed.

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Completely eliminate web and email based threats with Menlo’s Isolation core. Ensure that only safe web content is rendered to your users.