Protect your Employees With Personalized Awareness Training

  • Engage users with a library of interactive training modules
  • Assess users' susceptibility to phishing attacks with simulated campaigns
  • Get the granular visibility you need into your users’ assessments 
  • Benchmark your employees against other Proofpoint customers with industry specific data
  • Easily and efficently deploy security awarness testing and training across your organization
  • Multi-national security awareness training, with content available in over 35 languages

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Karen Diggs
Director of Technology, North West Hendricks School Corporation

“Since our decision to partner with Proofpoint, we have experienced far fewer technology security issues and have been able to broaden our staff’s awareness in the area of cybersecurity. We are very satisfied with Proofpoint’s solution for security awareness training and hope to keep offering our employees this excellent learning experience.”

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Proofpoint arms your users against real-world cyber-attacks, with personalized security awareness training. Educate your users about the latest cyber-threats and reduce the number of successful phishing attacks and malware infections across your organization. 

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